A Realistic Love Poem – by Terrance Edwards


It’s all butterflies, soft-focus glances
With orchids, rainbows and shooting stars too
In a rosy world where taking chances
Means happy ever afters all come true.
But I say sod the fucking butterflies –
We don’t live in a world of fairy-tales;
And sod the longing looks from wistful eyes –
We must be practical: or else it fails.
Don’t sell your soul or lie down in traffic
To profess your undying love for me;
Or pen verse verging on pornographic
To prove how passionate your love can be.
Love me enough to miss me when I go;
If you’re glad of my return, let me know.




Born in West Wales in 1979, Terrance Edwards holds an MA in Creative Writing from Trinity College Carmarthen. He has had poetry published in Ink Sweat And Tears, Haiku Journal, and Roundyhouse Magazine. Currently living in Cardiff, he has performed his own poetry throughout South Wales and further afield for over ten years.