Don’t Call Me Names – by Samantha Terrell

I am not Muslim.
I am not Black.
I am not gay, lesbian,
or transgender.
I am not heterosexual either.

I am not Hispanic or Caucasian, Protestant or Catholic.
I am not an alcoholic,
I am not mentally ill.
It doesn’t matter whether
I am or am not a member

of the NRA. It doesn’t matter how, or where, or when I was raised.
My growth is exponential
only to your hate.
I am not an atheist. And, I am not a fool.
For, I can find ways to teach
even the most unschooled.

Fear is my great benefactor,
but I am not the rich,
and I am not the poor.
I can be elusive, but I am not the truth,
though I cannot be denied.
Try to name me,
if you want your proof.



Samantha Terrell is an American poet, and mother of two. Her poetry has been published in DoveTales by Writing for Peace, Ebola chapbook by West Chester University, NonBinary Review by Zoetic Press, Knot Magazine, Peeking Cat Poetry, Poetry Super Highway’s Yam HaShoah Issue, and others. Her website is: