i compare everyone to my meth addict rights advisor – by Ryan Kelley


so its like this, she
leans out with skirts and canvas shoes
street art should be ephemeral
she says
what matters is time
and how much is left to climb
since then flustered, hallucinating, glowing at the meet
those autos look like ghosts
out at midnight to cop hugs and randoms
knifed wheels spin another sweater out
its all cool
to taste charcoal
she crept across with those gaunts
pretty for her age, aged for her youth
gold light soul so
hearts trying to beat the same
but off key, off kilter, atonal, atoning, gabbering rain




Ryan Kelley is a consumer-survivor of schizophrenia and associated issues. He was born the year they invented intersectionality and is in love with the moon when it’s waning anorexic.