Favorite Fruits – by Rachael Renzi


There’s not much
to say about a rainy
Thursday, other than
sometimes you have to eat
the funny tasting ones before
finding the best of your favorite
fruits. Like nectarines, sometimes
you never know
what grew behind the skin.




Rachael Renzi is a student in Rhode Island, working towards a degree in biology and English. She likes being outdoors, gardening and cats. She also likes trying new things, but is perfectly happy coming back to the simplest answers.

before breakfast – by Rachael Renzi


When it occurs to you
that humans are a
renewable resource,
go to bed,
and believe that’s wrong.
Especially when you’re
There will be orange juice
and gasoline tomorrow.
And sunlight on the kitchen
counter, a slow gleam of
window on the rounded corner
and spoons,
what are humans to do
without spoons?




Rachael Renzi is from Rhode Island. She enjoys the ocean, studying biology, reading, writing, and running. She dislikes picking favourites, because this might confine her to some ideal, but winter and the colour purple are usually better than summer and the colour orange.