Instructions for My Husband When My World Comes Undone – by Michelle McMillan-Holifield


Let me dig in your jeans pocket for gas money.
Close in on me when I run.
Unstart the dark trek away from you. Undirty my feet.
Be my delete button: I press you, undocument me.
Give up for me. Don’t give in to me.
Play that song that talks about home.
Turn it up so it’s all I hear.
Let me dig in your jeans pocket for my hair pin.
Pin my hair back. Leave wispy tendrils.
Tell me what I want to hear. Then remind me that’s a lie.
Truth me. Put your language in my mouth.
Tell me hard things. Make me believe them.
Do that thing that makes me laugh. Yes, that. And that.





Michelle McMillan-Holifield is assistant editor for Edify Fiction and recently completed a writer’s residency at Wild Acres in North Carolina. Her work has been included in or is forthcoming in Boxcar Poetry Review, Jabberwock Review, Sky Island Journal, Stirring, The Collagist, Toasted Cheese, Whale Road Review and Windhover among others. She hopes you one day find her poetry tacked to a tree somewhere in the Alaskan Wild.