My Wall – by Malkeet Kaur


My every bone and limb is skewered
in the eye of this huge magnifying glass
between my world and the world.

There is a wall of my sacred temple –
a wall that keeps the beaming adversaries at bay.

And my heart lies whole there –
a burnished , bruised deity of a lost world
buried in the ruins of human madness.

The dismembered relics of a saint looking at the world
with doe eyes closed in lion’s meditation.




Malkeet Kaur resides in Mumbai, India. Though she works as a teacher and passionately loves her profession, she writes poems too. Many of her poems have found places in various anthologies and online journals РEpisteme, Barking Sycamores, Acerbic Anthology against Gender Violence, Twist of Fate (charitable Anthology), Yellow Chair Review, The Awakening of She, The Significant Anthology, to name a few. Her poems are mostly existentialist and feminist in nature.