I Know the Girls Talk – by Jude Cowan Montague


I Know the Girls Talk

but they’ve gone,
like Gloria and Teresa,
and the wild flowers we stuffed in our suitcase.
We went right through the refuge in sandals.

We camped by the Big Bend.
There was dancing across from the graveyard.
Soon there was just me and the little one,
standing in the rain with the long horns.

We can sleep in the car,’ you said.
‘Buy our shoes in a certain month,
grow our hair long.’
I hoped my step-dad would come and find us,
But he stayed back in the mountain.

We had a flat and couldn’t get a tire.
Our bucket banged on the side.
We really looked like Okies.

August and then the last part of October,
it rained all the time.
People can get pretty mean on the road.
I never was so tired of rain in my life.

I set my alarm clock.
When we pass over
the state line you’ll wake me
and stop, and I’m going to get out
and kiss that sign.




Jude Cowan Montague worked for Reuters Television Archive for ten years. Her album ‘The Leidenfrost Effect’ (Folkwit Records 2015) reimagines quirky stories from the Reuters Life! feed. She produces ‘The News Agents’ on Resonance 104.4 FM. Her most recent book is ‘The Originals’ (Hesterglock Press, 2017).