Planet-Shine – by Ian Harker


Those of you on higher ground will have noticed
how low the sun is. This is flat battery.
But the light has already started getting longer.
Not the streetlights. Not the indicator lights
making tiger stripes across tarmac – I mean
the real stuff, the kind that never moves.
This is the time when we start to get starry,
when everything is frost or fire
and you feel it under your feet –
your ears go and you’re in one of those still points
of the turning world. Rest assured
that between today and the roots digging in
there will be intimations: darkness at midday,
sunrise in a mirror – all that heat and all that distance,
and the new moon in the old moon’s arms.




Ian Harker’s first collection Rules of Survival was published in 2017 after he won the Templar Poetry Book & Poetry competition. His work has appeared in a variety of magazines and been placed in major competitions. He’s co-founder of Strix, which was shortlisted for Best Magazine in the 2018 Saboteur Awards, and he’s just completed a residency at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds (without actually sleeping among the statues).