Dildos and Dictionaries – by Hannah Kludy


I saw this advertisement for a dictionary that said
it was the newest, the biggest, and the best.
And I thought about this sex shop in Benson
which has a tunnel of love.
It is a small hall with a metal grate floor
and walls that are green and glimmering and rotate.
When you exit, you find yourself staring at a display of dildos.
It makes me feel very disoriented.
It also makes me want to buy a new dildo, which is
marketed much like the dictionary.



Hannah Kludy, an MFA candidate at Creighton University, is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University where she earned her BA in Creative Writing and Publishing. She has work published in the Northwest Missourian, Medium Weight Forks, The Sucarnochee Review, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Broad Magazine, The Red Mud Review, Progenitor, Five on the Fifth, Drunken Monkeys, Adanna Literary Journal and Unlikely Stories. She also won the 2016 fiction contest for Cardinal Sins Journal.