SPIDERS…HEARTED – by David Alpaugh


Desperate for things to say – should you deliver
my eulogy – liken me to Uncle Toby. Instead of
squashing one crawling up the wall – I’d catch
it; open a window; and drop it into our garden.
Please let mourners know I was always kind to

Spiders. And bees. I always helped them out of
our pool when they flew in. I hope you will say
little or nothing about the way I treated people.
Spiders destroy insects. Bees make honey. But
people? Don’t get me started! I did try to be big





David Alpaugh’s poems have been published in poetry journals from Able Muse to Zyzzyva and his work was included in California Poetry from the Gold Rush to the Present. His collection Counterpoint won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, and he has been a finalist for Poet Laureate of California. His “double title” poems appear in Gargoyle, Mudlark, Spillway, X-Peri, and The American Journal of Poetry.