LISTEN SILENT – by Chris Hardy



Everyone round here’s asleep
also dogs birds foxes cats.
The wind has dropped
and the fridge is off.

Aircraft are landing
somewhere else and
no one is driving down my street.
No one doesn’t exist.

My house is old
and settles on itself
peacefully as if
after a large meal.

I listen to silence
and hear it all.

I also hear myself
hissing like a fountain
in a dawn piazza.
Bronze dolphins

arch their backs
as the sun
reaching out
from side streets

opens windows
in wet paving,
before people wake
and buses run.



Chris Hardy’s poems have been published widely in magazines, anthologies and on websites. They have won prizes in the National Poetry Society’s, and other, competitions. A fourth collection will be published in 2017. He is in LiTTLe MACHiNe ( The best music and poetry band in the world”. Carol Ann Duffy.