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Issue 5 of the Algebra of Owls anthology is now available, featuring some of the poems that appeared on the site in the five months between June and October 2017. If you would like a copy, all I ask is that you cover the postage, packing and Paypal fees (£1.40 in the UK, £2.80 in Europe, £3.95 elsewhere).

The featured poets are Jean Atkin, Mary Buchinger, Amy Bunker, Brett Busang, Louisa Campbell, Susan Castillo Street, Kitty Coles, Gareth Culshaw, K. Eltinaé, Alicia Fernández, Carol Folsom, Moira Garland, Ian Glass, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Sheila Hamilton, Chris Hardy, John Hawkhead, Ceinwen Haydon, Glenn Hubbard, Emilio Iasiello, S.A. Leavesley, Jack Little, Kirsten Luckins, J.C. Mari, Ted Mc Carthy, Ray Miller, Kate Noakes, Stuart Pickford, Drew Pisarra, Emma Power, Clifton Redmond, Laura Solomon, Kathleen Strafford, Grant Tarbard, Lee Thompson, Andrew Turner, Louise Warren and Robert West.

If you would like more than one copy, there is a flat charge of 60p for each extra one in the UK, or £1 each if overseas.

Optionally, you may also donate 50p toward the production costs.

Just pick the appropriate postage rate, then click on “Continue Shopping” if you would like to come back and add more copies and/or a donation. Please ensure that your Paypal postal address is up to date as this will be used for delivery. If there are any issues with using this service, please send an email to

Issue 5 – UK postage – £1.40                                     Buy Now Button

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Issue 5 – Rest of the World – £3.95                         Buy Now Button

Additional copies (each) in UK – 60p                     Buy Now Button

Additional copies (each) overseas – £1.00            Buy Now Button

OPTIONAL donation toward costs – 50p              Buy Now Button