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If you haven’t been able to bag a free copy of issue 6 of the Algebra of Owls anthology, you can get one by post for just the nominal cost of the postage, packing and payment fees. For a single copy this is £1.40 in the UK, £3.00 in the rest of the EU, and £4.20 for the rest of the world. Additional copies are 50p each, wherever you are – there is a separate payment button for extra copies. If you would like to make a small donation to the production costs, there is a button for that too. Please make sure your postal address in Paypal is up to date as this is where your copy will be posted to.

If there are any issues or queries with using this service, please email us on

The featured poets are Ed Aust, Devon Balwit, Elya Braden, Melanie Branton, Carole Bromley, Richard Carpenter, Sarah Clayville, Maureen Curran, Stephen Daniels, Julian Dobson, Ian Harker, Ceinwen Haydon, David Jibson, Gill Lambert, Laurinda Lind, Marilyn Longstaff, Beth McDonough, Clint Margrave, Sally Michaelson, Katerina Neocleous, Robert Nisbet, Stuart Pickford, Bethany Rivers, Jane Salmons, Jasmine Shahbandi, M. Stone, Olivia Tuck, Lynda Turbet, Giles Turnbull, Richard Weaver, Julia Webb, Roddy Williams and Peter Wyton.