Other Poetry Mags

Here are some links to other UK poetry mags that observe (when last checked) the following editorial practices.

a) All submissions are responded to.
b) Submissions accepted by email or Submittable.
c) Submissions answered within three months, broadly speaking.
d) No submission fees.

The style and variety of poetry in these journals varies widely, and some are not to my taste (and may not be to yours). This list is simply derived from the above arbitrary criteria. The list is not comprehensive, as there may be other journals I have not come across or dealt with that would meet them.

The list does not differentiate between print and online journals.

The numbers in brackets are the average response time, in days, on Duotrope, correct at 17th October 2018.

Abridged (not listed on Duotrope)
Allegro Poetry (6.9)
Amaryllis (0.6)
Antiphon (15.5)
Atrium (15.3)
Envoi (37.0)
Erbacce (not listed on Duotrope)
Fenland Reed (39.2)

Firth (not listed on Duotrope)
Foxglove Journal
High Window (not listed on Duotrope)
Honest Ulsterman (not listed on Duotrope)

Indigo Dreams Magazines (Reach/Dawntreader/Sarasvati) (no response reports on Duotrope)
Ink, Sweat & Tears (39.4)
Interpreter’s House (59.1)
The Journal (not listed on Duotrope)
The Lake (15.4)
Lighten Up Online (3.8)
London Grip
  (not listed on Duotrope)
Obsessed with Pipework (60.1)
Picaroon Poetry (4.8)
Poetry Village
 (not listed on Duotrope)
Poets’ Republic (not listed on Duotrope)
Prole (12.4)
Riggwelter (0.9)
Runcible Spoon (3.3)
Strix (30.4)
Tears in the Fence (29.0)
The Writers’ Cafe Magazine (7.7)

Poetry Salzburg Review (26.2),  The Blue Nib (46.1) and Ofi Press (13.2) are not based in the UK but traditionally publish the work of many UK poets, and also satisfy those criteria.

The following are UK magazines that usually meet these criteria, but in my experience sometimes (but not always) take a little longer than three months to respond…but never usually longer than four months.

Lighthouse (74.5)
Shearsman (94.5)