Monthly Awards


January/March 2019

Readers’ Choice:    Hearing Things – by Mat Riches
Editor’s Choice:   A Place on the Sofa – by Lesley Burt (chosen by Rachel Bower)

November/December 2018

Readers’ Choice:    Lawrence – by Robert Ford
Editor’s Choice:    The Body Wishes it Could Remain in its Own Palace – by Nome Emeka Patrick (chosen by Ian Harker)

September/October 2018

Readers’ Choice:    My Mother Came Back as a Pigeon – by Michelle Diaz
Editor’s Choice:      Memory is held by water – by Jackie Biggs (chosen by Clare Shaw)

July/August 2018

Readers’ Choice:    Afterwards – by Carole Bromley
Editor’s Choice:      The Box – by Stuart Pickford (chosen by Keith Hutson)

January/February 2018

Readers’ Choice:    not awarded
Editor’s Choice:      How to be Deposed – by Elya Braden (chosen by Antony Dunn)

November/December 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Religion of the Species – by Giles Turnbull
Editor’s Choice:      Sound Bank – by Marilyn Longstaff (chosen by Anne Caldwell)

September/October 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Contact Lens – by Kirsten Luckins
Editor’s Choice:   
  The Journey – by Moira Garland (chosen by Tom Weir)

August 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Blue Baby – by Susan Castillo Street
Editor’s Choice:      Anosmia by Kitty Coles (chosen by Rob Miles)

July 2017

Readers’ Choice:    I Help My Husband Sleep – by Karen Greenbaum-Maya
Editor’s Choice:      The Fag End of the Meal by Lee Thompson (chosen by Matthew Hedley Stoppard)

June 2017

Readers’ Choice:    The Theology of the Anderson Shelter – by Jean Atkin
Editor’s Choice:      We don’t know what to do… by Louisa Campbell (chosen by Jane Kite)

May 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Man in the farmhouse – by Claire Walker
Editor’s Choice:     The perennial problem by Alice Tomlinson  (chosen by Patrick Lodge)

April 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Care – by Andrew Turner
Editor’s Choice:     Action Man is 50 by Duncan Chambers  (chosen by Carole Bromley)

March 2017

Readers’ Choice:    Male Pheasant Utterly Unfazed by the Passing of my Car – by Jane Burn
Editor’s Choice:     Ride – by Robert Ford   (chosen by Oz Hardwick)

February 2017

Readers’ Choice:    My Father Comes Back – by Steve Klepetar
Editor’s Choice:     A Bedside Geranium – by Tristan Moss  (chosen by Winston Plowes)

January 2017

Readers’ Choice:    The importance of maps – by Finola Scott
Editor’s Choice:     Paving Intentions – by Sid Smith (chosen by Char March)

December 2016

Readers’ Choice:    One of a Kind – by Robert West.
Editor’s Choice:     Normanton is made of dying stars – by Jimmy Andrex (chosen by Peter R White)

November 2016

Readers’ Choice:    Full English – by Jimmy Andrex.
Editor’s Choice:     The True Lives of Cells – by Sharon Suzuki-Martinez (chosen by Rose Drew)

October 2016

Readers’ Choice:     When I’m Asked, Have You Ever Been Pregnant? – by Wendy DeGroat.
Editor’s Choice:      One Raven – by Kathleen Jones (chosen by Sandra Burnett)

September 2016

Readers’ Choice:     The nearly I hope will last a while longer – by Nicky Phillips.
Editor’s Choice:      The nearly I hope will last a while longer – by Nicky Phillips (chosen by Hannah Stone)

August 2016

Readers’ Choice:     This is a love poem – by Matt Nicholson.
Editor’s Choice:      Ardnamurchan – by Robert Hodkinson  (chosen by Mark Connors)

July 2016

Readers’ Choice:     From the Dingy Apartment Everywhere – by Baisali Chatterjee Dutt.
Editor’s Choice:      Modern Relationship – by Elan Mudrow  (chosen by Gill Lambert)

June 2016

Readers’ Choice:     Birth Plan – by Gill Lambert.
Editor’s Choice:      Existence, Explained – by Tonya Eberhard.