To a French Girl – by Mihai Marcaş


you greet me with flowers,
zig-zag roses, and sapphires roz,
and, I greet you dressed in a dotted
plain-coloured blue and peach cloak.
your crystal daisies shimmer and you are
wearing the nightstars as a necklace,
so I compliment my blue velvet voice.
a circus of improvised choreography
that ended with neither of us bowing,
a sign that both of our minds have
been lost, and so I do not know,
whether it is the act of a madman
or a sober one, if I smile, from the dark
backstage to you on the other side.
I stick out my tongue instead.




Mihai is a twenty-something Romanian, who grew up in Scotland. Inclined to existential literature and despair. Lover of poetry and film. Teacher of Economics by trade. Unpublished.

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