Casting Call – by David Jibson


It was in the papers. They’re looking for extras
for a crime thriller they’re shooting in Detroit.
It doesn’t say exactly what they are looking for
but I think I would be good as Older Man
Eating Alone at a restaurant in Greek Town
where Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
are making plans we all know will go awry.

If I wear what I have on today, they might want me
for Bum Slumped Against Liquor Store
at Cass and Michigan, drunk on Mad Dog, oblivious
to the car chase with gunfire as it roars past.

I think I’d be perfect as Curious Onlooker In Crowd
standing behind yellow crime scene tape
at Rosa Parks and Grand River
sandwiched between Nosy Woman With Unruly Red Hair
and Boy In Hoodie With Skate Board.

Distinguished Looking Gentleman With Cane
hailing a cab at Woodward and John R?
That might be a stretch for me but I could pull it off
with a little help from wardrobe
and a decent haircut from a Hollywood stylist.
I’m a versatile actor who can play any role
if it’s small enough.



David Jibson lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he is a co-editor of Third Wednesday, a literary arts journal, a member of The Crazy Wisdom Poetry Circle and The Poetry Society of Michigan. He is retired from a long career in Social Work, most recently with a Hospice agency.


2 thoughts on “Casting Call – by David Jibson

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