Sonnet B² – by Drew Pisarra


B is for brains and beat-up bifocals,
black and blue elbows and bad overbites,
brooding brown eyes and biceps like baseballs.
B is da bomb! So where were you last night?
Blah-bitty-blah-blah. I’ve heard that before –
the best laid bullshit this side of Beijing:
Keep blaming that buddy from Baltimore,
and I’ll bash in your Buick. Stop babbling.
You beat ‘round the bush. You’ve burnt every bridge.
You’re bruising and blighting beyond beyond.
Now bye-bye be-yotch I bitterly bid.
The billionth botch-up will break any bond.
The best was basically what came before.
Bygones are bygones. Go bless the back door.




For the last two years, Drew Pisarra has been writing sonnets inspired by a Venezuelan philosophy professor who dumped him, and by the meaning hidden behind certain numbers as well as letters used to represent numbers in algebraic equations. 


2 thoughts on “Sonnet B² – by Drew Pisarra

  1. This poem is actually part of a series of sonnets asking the following question: If sonnets usually get numbers as part of their titles, what happens if that number is pi or infinity or the price of a taco platter? How does that impact the content? This particular one is playing with the sound-alike phrase “be square” while trying to include as many “B” words as I possibly could without sounding too annoying. As to the Venezuelan philosophy professor, for now, the less said, the better.


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