beanbag – by Sarah-Jane Dobner


the other night at band practice we
had a whole discussion about the exclusivity of
velvet and how corduroy was the
string of the king

the beanbag was my throne
wide velour stripes off-white king of the desert like
ozymandias on the beige
carpet of my loft

brand new just carved i filled it myself with
a helper its not easy two vast bags of
polystyrene balls getting everywhere going everywhere
like sand

the cat sleeps here it took her a while to get used to
the way the sides shift she experimented with
steady backsliding progress and
huge astonished leaps

two days after i locked the catflap exit by mistake
she came all the way to the top of the house to
do a giant shit on my beanbag. The king is dead!
long live the queen




Sarah-Jane Dobner turned 50 this year and thought she’d better try and get something in print. She has been writing poetry and songs for 30 years and performed music and spoken word at many venues in her hometown of Bristol and beyond. A single mother, ex-lawyer and keen rock-climber, she is mid-way through a masters in gender studies, intersectionality and change at Linköping University in Sweden.

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