Winners! July Poems of the Month

Thanks to everyone who voted for this month’s award. The winning Readers’ Choice Poem for July is

I Help My Husband Sleep – by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

The Editor’s Choice Poem for July was chosen by Matthew Hedley Stoppard  who said:

After much re-reading and re-interpreting of July’s poems, I finally came to choose The Fag End of the Meal by Lee Thompson as my favourite. Selecting prized poems from such a good bunch is a tricky business and, I have to admit, I almost forgot why I agreed to do it. However, “Fag End” has a nuanced nostalgia that I identify with, without the sugary shortcuts that some poems take to get to the finish. I especially enjoyed the wordplay, kitchen-sink rhythm of the scene-setting and the George Barker-esque conclusion. I think a special mention should go to Call by Alicia Fernández as well because this is another poem that explores a longing for home without any twinge of blubbing sentimentality. Thank you to all the poets who have contributed this month and thank you to the editors who invited me as a guest”

Congratulations our winners!

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