Metal – by Matt Duggan


We are selling the metal that kills
so we can afford the spoons that feed our children;
then killing them with the metal that we’ve just sold
feeding them with the blood on the spoons from happy meals.

We place them in the hands of our enemy –
How far into this storm must we all walk before we feel the cold?
preferring the shine of killing steel that glinting blue in falling skies
than the breath with flesh applied – prescribing to gain from the metals of subtraction.

The daylight would be our undoing
eyes were transfixed by computer generated handshakes –
division of the heart and soul the lies are the truths of man’s inked ruin
where only smoke rings travel along carpets like tiny drunken mice.





Poems have appeared in The Journal, Prole, The Dawntreader, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Harbinger Asylum, and The Seventh Quarry. In 2015 Matt won the erbacce prize for poetry with his first collection Dystopia 38.10 and in 2016 he won the Into the Void Poetry Prize. He has a new chapbook out called Metropolis with Hunting Raven Press.

2 thoughts on “Metal – by Matt Duggan

  1. To be honest I’ve no idea what this is about (selling arms to countries that then attack us, maybe?) but I do like the image of the smoke rings travelling along carpets like tiny drunken mice. ~^.^~


  2. “Where only smoke rings travelling along carpets like tiny drunken mice.”
    What a somber, picture. I really feel that line, can visualize it. Your dichotomies of metal sold to feed and computer generated handshakes being our ruin are spot on.
    Be able to “afford the spoons” is an excellent touch too.


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