January Editor’s Choice Poem – chosen by Char March

I’m pleased to announce the winning Editor’s Choice Poem for January. Our Guest Editor Char March had the following to say.

“It’s been a joy reading through the 27 poems that are January’s ‘Algebra of Owls’ – such a variety of themes, voices, ways of tackling subjects, and poets from all over. I read all the poems at least three times, and often a lot more. I was delighted how many of the poems – in these troubled times – had political force. From the 27, I chose a shortlist of 9 – each of them poems that were very well-crafted, hit home with their theme, and each of them had something surprising in them. It was, of course, a real struggle choosing just one, so I am going to cheat. I’ve chosen

Paving Intentions by Sid Smith

as the winner. His poem is superbly concise – every single word counts and every image hits its mark. It is seemingly simple, but accomplishes a huge amount in a few short lines. Well done Sid Smith for writing a powerful political poem about very current affairs without it being ranty or losing itself as a poem. And I love that you ended with such a flourish of humour. Bravo!

Now comes the ‘cheating’ bit! A very close joint second came: The 4-F by Siegfried Baber, Intermediate Polish by Melanie Branton and Love by Anwer Ghani – all terrific.”

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