O O O Polonius – by Daniel Roy Connelly


The miles I racked up for him did for me.
Cloud is a whale is a cloud is a whale is very like.
I gave birth to my kids mid-air – he was a lump,
she dropped out like the gentle rain from heaven –
nursed them with breasts that sprouted at six months.
Anything different is good.
They grew up calling me Polo behind my back,
how do I know? I’ve always had peep-holes everywhere.
How cut & thrust my life turned out.
I liked humility. We don’t live in humble times.
Remember when I stabbed myself with the fork?
Jet diplomacy, Danish Air Force Two was on what I flew.
Have I been removed from the photo with Fortinbras,
I do not see myself there, can you bring it closer?
Mother & father as one was I, am I, I couldn’t
get a woman if I tried though all the girls loved me.
Me & me mum & me dad & me gran…
I was adored once too. I played Brutus,
it says so here in the playbook, look.
Between the acting of a…
Anything different is good.
The daisies out the window remind me of death
which shall have plenty of dominion over Norway
if I get my way, can you open the latch just a notch for me?
Has there been a dog in this room recently?
Between the acting of a…bugger,
it shall to the barber’s with my beard,
do you call me a plagiariser, good my lord?
      dreadful thing
& the first motion, all the interim is
like a phantasma, or a or a or a or a or a
hideous dream, that’s hideous in its hideousness
Anything different is good.
Me & me mum & me dad & me gran…
Come any closer I’ll bite your arm & crouch behind the arras.
Me & me mum & me dad & me gran we’re off to Oslo zoo.
Me & me mum & me dad & me gran & a bucket of Danish poo.
Elsinore!            Elsinore!            Elsinore!
Elsinore!            Elsinore!            Elsinore!               Elsi!
I am being slowly surrounded by memories.
Is the show over?
Do                 I                 take                 my                 bowels                 now?
No hurry to answer, it’s a beautiful day out here in LA.
Anything different is good.
Cloud is a whale is a cloud is a whale is very like.



Daniel Roy Connelly was the winner of the 2014 Fermoy International Poetry Festival Prize, a finalist in the 2015 Aesthetica Magazine Creative Writing Prize and winner of the 2015 Cuirt New Writing Prize for poetry. Published widely, his poetry currently appears in The Moth, Acumen, and Critical Survey. He is a theatre director and professor of creative writing, English and theatre at John Cabot University and The American University of Rome.  www.danielroyconnelly.com

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